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Gebesse Computer Consultants
Oberon NSW 2787
A.B.N. 41 518 658 205

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Gebesse Computer Consultants was operated by Peter Bowditch, who had over 50 years working with computers and their applications to business. The company specialised in providing services to small and medium-sized businesses. The mission was to apply the highest quality products and services towards solving clients' business problems, so that clients could do what they set out in business to do - which is not usually to become computer experts. Gebesse operated from October 1987 until I retired in early 2017.

Just because I'm not doing it full time doesn't mean that I've forgotten everything I know or used to know. I can still sell copies and upgrades of Act! and Handheld Contact, and I can even provide some support and training. I might live in the bush but I have the NBN and I've had success operating clients' computers from a distance, so if you want anything just drop me an email using the link at the bottom of the page or ask a question through the Help Desk. Email gets checked a couple of times a day so you will usually get a reply by the next business day.

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Even though the business is now operating on a very restricted basis, some of the principles haven't changed.

Privacy Policy

The only information about visitors to this site which is examined or kept is that which is provided voluntarily by someone sending email to the site owner or by filling out a form.

Gebesse will not sell or provide any details obtained through this site or through any other of the organisation's activities to anyone unless ordered to do so by a properly constituted court with appropriate jurisdiction.

The only time web server logs are looked at is when it is necessary to do so to solve site management problems. The traffic recorded in the logs is not analysed in any way except to produce consolidated statistics such as numbers of visitors and page displays.

Payment Policy

Unfortunately, we have experienced a few bad debts lately. Good people get affected by the actions of others, so we are going to have to institute revised rules for how we deal with customers. From now on, new customers will have to sign an agreement that they will pay their bills on time and that they understand that registration codes for software products will not be released until payment is made for both the products and for any time spent on installation or customisation. We have avoided using collection agencies but will be using them in the future at even a hint of reluctance to pay. We apologise to the clients who pay promptly and treat us well, but the same rules have to apply to everyone. You can read the background to this here.

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